Moms of Tweens and Teens

Building Our Tweens and Teens Up: What We Focus On Grows

February 02, 2022 Episode 40
Moms of Tweens and Teens
Building Our Tweens and Teens Up: What We Focus On Grows
Show Notes

Hey Friend,

Have you signed up yet for our Valentine Challenge?! In this episode I chat with you about how to affirm our kids and build them up. What we focus on grows. 

I share the Valentine Challenge with you - the specific affirmations and adjective printables I made for you to use with your kid(s).

I talk about in this episode:

  • The 5 to 1 Rule
  • The importance of focusing more on the good and less on what they aren't doing or are doing that's irritating.
  • The importance on going to school on your kids strengths and how this empowers them to thrive in their lives based on the research.
  • How to make affirmations specific - I give some great examples.
  • The importance of embracing fun  - it changes the energy and brings more peace, connection and playfulness into our relationships in our homes!

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