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Help For The Holidays: Create Joy Even When It's Hard This Christmas Season

November 23, 2021 Episode 35
Moms of Tweens and Teens
Help For The Holidays: Create Joy Even When It's Hard This Christmas Season
The Moms of Tweens and Teens Podcast
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Show Notes

It's so easy to get caught up during the holidays in the hustle and bustle, the tasks and to-do lists , the overspending, overcommitting, and overwhelming stress and chaos of the season. Some of us are experiencing the loss of loved ones, strained family relationships and feelings of loneliness, sadness or fear that once again our expectations of what the "perfect" holiday is supposed to look like will again be disappointing.

Becky Baudouin joins us again to talk about the how to cultivate joy this Christmas season even in the midst of stress, perfectionism traps, grief and loss and feeling like things are not how we hoped they would be.  

In this episode we laugh a lot, talk about our challenges around the holidays, how to make this time of year meaningful and fun. We share holiday traditions and great ideas to simplify and not get caught up in the stress and overwhelm trap. We talk about joy and how to cultivate joy into our lives in the midst of loss or disappointments. And towards the end I ask Becky for some ideas on how to keep the true meaning of Christmas fresh, exciting and heart-felt.

Let's jump in!

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