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Building Community And Making A Difference In Our World, Interview with Angela Melfi

February 27, 2024
Moms of Tweens and Teens
Building Community And Making A Difference In Our World, Interview with Angela Melfi
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Show Notes

Welcome friend! 

I believe we all want to feel inspired to make a positive difference in our world.

Today's episode is all about chasing those dreams of making a real difference in the world.

I'm super excited because we've got Angela Melfi on the show, co-founder of Threads Worldwide. Picture this: gorgeous, unique jewelry that's not just about beautiful but about doing good, too.  Threads Worldwide is all about creating life-changing work for women worldwide through the creating and selling of fair trade artisan jewelry.

Angela and two of her friends set out to create a space where women artisans could truly own their craft and thrive. It's more than just a business; it's about building a community of leaders and change-makers, one stunning piece of jewelry at a time.

Today, we're chatting about what it takes to build a community, the ups and downs of starting a business from scratch, and how to make a meaningful impact while wrangling kids and chaos. So let's jump into this inspiring chat with Angela Melfi from Threads Worldwide. 

Let’s dive in! 

What you will learn:

  • What is Threads Worldwide and how it was created?
  • What were the biggest challenges and obstacles starting Threads Worldwide?
  • Angela shares a few of the biggest things she has learned about herself in this process. And how she has grown as a person?
  • Empowering teen girls through social entrepreneurship.
  • Encouragement for the mom who wants to follow her passion but feels like it’s too late.

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