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Calming The Chaos Raising Challenging Tweens and Teens with Dayna Abraham

December 05, 2023 Sheryl Gould Episode 94
Moms of Tweens and Teens
Calming The Chaos Raising Challenging Tweens and Teens with Dayna Abraham
The Moms of Tweens and Teens Podcast
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Show Notes

On today's episode, we're joined by the incredible Dayna Abraham. Dayna Abraham has become a trusted and proven leader in the parenting community. An award-winning, national board-certified educator who has spent over ten years in the classroom, she is the founder of the popular parenting site Lemon Lime Adventures.

She is also the CEO of Calm the Chaos, a seven-figure company that offers support to thousands of parents worldwide. Today we discuss Dayna’s recent book, Calm The Chaos and we talk about parenting a challenging kid and Dayna shares the importance of how we can shift our perspective of how we view our kids and their challenging behaviors AND she shares some great nuggets from her book that will help to ground us in the heat of the challenging moments while finding calm in the chaos.  

Here are some key talking points from the interview:

  • As an educator, she noticed that kids with behavioral issues often had more going on beneath the surface, and she wanted to find ways to support them.
  • Dana shares her personal journey of dealing with her eldest son's challenging behavior, including being kicked out of preschool and frequent suspensions.
  • Dana discusses the shift in mindset needed when dealing with challenging behaviors in children. Instead of seeing the behavior as attacks or violence, she emphasizes the importance of understanding that the child is struggling and needs support.
  • Dana introduces four key ingredients for addressing challenges: connection, understanding, empowerment, and the parent being grounded. These ingredients provide a framework that can be adapted to each unique family and child, acknowledging that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.
  • Anchors are tools or phrases that ground parents in the heat of challenging moments. Examples include using a memory anchor, such as picturing the child as a baby, or simple phrases like "there is no bear" to signal safety to the brain.
  • Dana shares a powerful example of a conversation with her son highlighting the importance of empowering discussions rather than enforcing strict boundaries.

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