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Step-Parenting and Healing Our Wounds To Become More of The Mom and Woman We Want To Be

January 03, 2023 Episode 67
Moms of Tweens and Teens
Step-Parenting and Healing Our Wounds To Become More of The Mom and Woman We Want To Be
Show Notes

Becoming a step-parent can be challenging. After losing my Dad at the age of 10, my Mom remarried a few years later. I truly thought we would live happily ever. I had no idea how difficult it would be to blend our families. And sadly, my mom and stepdad did not have the support they needed to deal with all the feelings and issues that arise when you combine families.

My special guest, Michelle Wolfe, is the podcast host of Muve Forward, where she shares and interviews experts on how to live a life that is both healthy and fulfilled.

In this episode, Michelle shares her inspiring personal story of becoming a stepmom right before the pandemic and how she wasn’t prepared for all the feelings that were going to come up for her. Michelle’s story is incredibly hope-filled because she reached out and got the support she needed to create a strong healing bond with her step-daughter.

Whether you’re from a step-family or not, the truths shared in this episode will right true for any mom who wants to heal, grow, and be more deeply connected to her kids and those she loves.

What you will learn: 

  • The challenges of becoming a step-parent
  • How a step-parent can keep the memory of a child's parent alive.
  • The benefits of therapy.
  • The benefits of leaning into our past traumas and how processing the pain can make you happier.
  • Having uncomfortable conversations with our kids is what strengthens our relationships with them.
  • Teaching our kids to stand up for themselves.
  • Being a parent that your kids feel safe coming to with any issues.

Where to find Michelle:
Podcast: Muve Forward Podcast

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