Moms of Tweens and Teens

Helping Your Teen Become Money Smart / Interview with Jean Chatzky and Kathryn Tuggle

August 16, 2022 Episode 55
Moms of Tweens and Teens
Helping Your Teen Become Money Smart / Interview with Jean Chatzky and Kathryn Tuggle
The Moms of Tweens and Teens Podcast
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Show Notes

Who here wishes that they were better at knowing how to teach their kids how to manage their money?

Maybe you never learned how to budget your own money growing up and had to learn when you hit adulthood. 

If you’re like me, you weren’t all that good at budgeting and often had to learn the hard way. I remember signing up for a credit card in college and having no idea about being charged interest and thinking it was so much fun to go shopping and buy a new outfit only to find out later that I had to pay interest when you couldn’t pay the whole thing off. And I must admit that I bounced more checks than I want to admit because I hadn’t learned how to manage a checkbook. 

Wouldn’t it be awesome to raise kids who were financially empowered - where they understand the value of a dollar, are motivated to earn their own money, and be responsible with that money to save, give and spend wisely. 

My special guests today are the authors of a fantastic book How To Money - Jean Chatzky is a New York Times Best Selling Author  and financial expert who has spent decades reporting on personal finance — including 25 years on the Today show. She is also the CEO and co-founder of HerMoney. And Kathryn Tuggle is Chief Content Officer and Gracie-Award winning Editor-in-Chief at and produces and cohosts the HerMoney Podcast. 

Let’s dive into how to empower your kids to take charge of  How to Money!

What you will learn:

  • How social media plays into our teen's buying choices. 
  • Helping our teens become educated consumers.
  • Raising our teen's awareness of how marketing works.
  • How to encourage your teen to save money.
  • Use allowance, correctly, with your kids to teach them about money.
  • How much allowance should you give your child?
  • How to set up a budget with your teen and get them excited about it.

Where to find Jean & Kathryn:

Her Money Website

Her Money Podcast 

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