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How To Talk About Porn and Sex With Your Tweens and Teens / Interview with Amy Lang

May 10, 2022 Episode 45
Moms of Tweens and Teens
How To Talk About Porn and Sex With Your Tweens and Teens / Interview with Amy Lang
Show Notes

Does talking about sex with your kids make you uncomfortable? Do you know what to do if you find out your tween or teen has been looking at porn? You’re not alone. My guest today, Amy Lang, is ready to help!

Amy has been a sexual health educator for over 25 years. Amy’s books, website, and podcast show parents that talking about sexuality doesn’t need to be totally uncomfortable and can actually be fun. She helps parents become their kid’s go-to birds and bees resource. We talk about what our teens and tweens need to know about sex and porn. You’ll find this episode highly engaging and ready to talk about the birds and bees. Let’s dive in!

What you will learn:

  • What to do when you find out your child has been exposed to pornography.
  • Parents aren’t talking to their kids about sex or porn. Instead of communicating prevention, learn how to talk to your kids about sex to prepare them for exposure.
  • Kids are using porn for sex education.
  • How to talk about sex with your teens and tweens to help them make good decisions.
  • Statistically how young are kids being exposed to porn and how does it affect them.
  • When to start talking to your child about sexuality – it’s not too late to start today.
  • What does it look like for you to be a safe person for your child to discuss anything sex-related?
  • The importance of monitoring and filtering your child’s internet usage.
  • Best types of internet monitoring software and how to have these conversations with your kid’s friend’s parents.
  • How to explain to your child that porn is not good for them.
  • Plus, Amy provides scripts you can use to talk to your children about porn and sex.  

Where to find Amy:

Website: Birds & Bees & Kids




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