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Suicide Awareness: Answers We Need with Jason Reid

June 30, 2021 Episode 23
Moms of Tweens and Teens
Suicide Awareness: Answers We Need with Jason Reid
Show Notes

When it comes to our tweens and teens' mental health, we are in a crisis. And we have to talk about it even though we might not want to. 

Parents are asking,

How can you tell the difference between a moody teenager and one that is struggling with depression or is at high risk for hurting themselves? 

What are the signs that you should get help?

And how do you talk to your tween or teen in a way that they will want to talk to you if and when they are struggling with mental health issues?

My guest today, is Jason Reid.  Jason just came out with a powerful film - “Tell My Story” that just aired on PBS.

Jason’s son Ryan took his life when he was 14, leaving two Post-It Notes: one was the passcode to his computer; the second said “Tell My Story.”

Jason set off on a quest to understand what led his son to end his own life, and what he could have done differently.

He is here today, to share what he has learned and how to have difficult but necessary conversations with our kids.

Where To Find The Movie To Watch It With Your Kids and Other Videos:

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How To Help Jason Eradicate Suicide by 2030:

Choose Life -

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